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It’s Green, It’s Clean, It’s What We All Love…And It’s Not Money It’s Our PLANET!

Kyle Campbell - Monday, June 11, 2012

As a bank, we can’t help think about it... we are in the money business. Yes, green is indeed the color of money and don’t we all crave to see more of it? BUT, there is a bigger, more worthy and universally beneficial “green” that we need to strive for; and that is contributing to save the environment and our beautiful planet. 

At Astra Bank, we encourage you to be an eco-friendly customer and try to make it easy to be one. We want you to go paperless and switch to electronic and online banking. Let’s save the trees! E-banking is quick, convenient and safe. Rest assured that your transactions are secure and your identity is safe.

From e-statements to automatic bill payments there are some easy ways for you to play an active role in promoting a cleaner and greener community. Green banking will save you time and effort in addition to having a positive impact on the environment.

Green Banking—E-Statements to Online Banking and more...

  • E-Statements—Your account details at the press of a button: Say goodbye to that pile of paper on your table. Two clicks allow you access into your account anytime, anywhere.

  • Automatic bill payments—Eliminate late fees and collection calls: Even the most organized among us have at some point forgotten to send a check to the utility services or the cable company, misplaced bills (or return envelopes) or delayed payments because we are out of postage stamps. Automatic bill payments can make sure this never happens again. No more late fees or collection calls to worry about. And yes, no running to the post office for stamps either!

  • Online banking—Your bank is always open…even after-hours: Whether it’s transferring money to an account or making a payment you don’t need to wait for banking hours or make your way to the bank through traffic. Online banking is available 24/7. We chat online, read online and shop online; so why not enjoy the convenience of Internet banking?

  • Debit card—Your quick and convenient e-check book: Ever been told “debit card please, no checks”? Be prepared; it’s a growing trend. Besides you don’t really need to use checks because your debit card is like an e-check. Money comes out of your account and you have a record of the transaction in one simple swipe. No check book or pen required and it’s faster, safer and more convenient.

Create a ‘green’ account. Reduce your carbon footprint through green banking practices like e-statements, automatic bill payments and debit cards.

Switch to e-Statements and online banking with Astra Bank.

Thomas G Meek commented on 15-Jun-2012 07:02 AM
I will go green in the belief that it does save trees, however, since I am also saving Astra Bank some 40-odd cents per month per account by not having to mail our paper statements, shouldn't Astra split the savings with me AND deposit the saved postage
cost into my Savings account? The favor of a reply is requested.
Kyle Campbell, President commented on 15-Jun-2012 11:47 AM
Hi Mr. Meek, Thanks for your comment and interest in helping with Astra Bank's "Going Green" initiative. Not only do our efforts help to reduce paper (and trees), but they create additional convenience (and security) for our customers. While I can certainly
appreciate your perspective on the savings of postage (and desire to have it shared with our customers), one thing that may be overlooked is the investment in the technology that it takes to provide these more efficient and "Earth friendly" services. While
on the face of it you are correct that Astra Bank is saving on postage costs. However, behind the scenes there is software licensing and technology systems that make this possible (and unfortunately these are not "free"). The bank continues to invest in technology
that makes it easier for our customers to do their banking with and where possible, try to pass along cost savings (or keep from having to increase fees in other areas) for the benefit of our customers. So unfortunately you won't be seeing any "postage credit
deposits" in your account any time soon, but we hope that you won't be seeing any increases in fees or charges either. It's our goal to provide sound, affordable, convenient and friendly banking solutions for our customers. Hopefully you're getting that from
us, but know if you ever want to talk further my door is always open. Kyle Campbell, President

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